Pulled Loose
Stefan Zoller (b. 1986, New York) is a Rochester, NY based painter and visual artist.  His paintings are process-driven abstractions that use layering and diagrammatic line as metaphors for loss and displacement.  Though the content of Zoller’s work is largely pulled from his own family history, his
paintings speak to these universal themes of identity, family, loss, and memory. 
In 2016, Zoller earned his MFA from Syracuse University.  As an MFA candidate he received numerous awards and grants, including the Creative Opportunity Grant and the George Vandersluis Award.  He was also selected to accompany the Boite-en-valise exhibition in Venice, Italy and Portsmouth, UK in 2015. 
Prior to his MFA, Zoller worked as an assistant and apprentice to the painter Thomas S. Buechner in Corning, NY. 
Zoller currently teaches drawing and design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY. 
His work has been featured in the last two Rochester Finger-Lakes exhibitions at the Memorial Art Gallery
in Rochester, NY.  Zoller’s most recent solo exhibition, Bone Memory, was on view at SLA307 Art Space in Chelsea, NY in 2018.